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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the foundation of everything we hope to achieve for the world’s most difficult conditions. It’s our priority and as such, we are committed to ensuring that we create trials that help patients get better, ensure their safety, and satisfy FDA requirements to gain approval.

Getting approval is a journey. We need diverse patients and inclusive access in order to deliver our life-changing therapies – not just for one patient but for the broadest range of patients. We set high bars for ourselves and our clinical trials. We know that hard work and commitment is needed to bring products to patients -you have our pledge that we will bring that to you every day. We need you as well on this journey and we invite you to join us to help make a remarkable difference.


Nanodose Therapeutics will be conducting clinical studies in 2024 of our investigational recombinant protein for the treatment of chronic traumatic brain injury. This is an investigational product and is not FDA approved, therefore the safety and efficacy in humans has not been proven.

For now, please click on the logo below to learn more about ongoing trials for TBI


Medical professionals may also contact us for more information about study participation.


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