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Nanodose Therapeutics Background

Revolutionizing Medicine with Nanotechnology

Nanodose Therapeutics is headquartered in Albany, NY and is a privately held pharmaceutical Company formed in 2016 as a spinout from Beech Tree Labs, Inc. The company was founded with the goal to commercialize two pharmaceutical products that Beech Tree developed – oxidized streptolysin O (“oSLO”) and a proprietary multi-component compound (“MCC”).  Since that time, Nanodose Therapeutics has been strengthening our discovery platform with significant advances through genetic testing, animal model evaluations, FDA feedback and preparation for formal patient clinical trials.


These products utilize cellular signaling to impact several medical conditions.  oSLO modulates, and in some cases reverses, the symptoms associated with chronic traumatic brain injury (“cTBI”).  MCC can ameliorate pain and fatigue of patients with a form of joint hypermobility called hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (“hEDS”).

The Company’s leadership includes a number of current and former biotech CEOs and embodies over 150 years of combined experience in building successful enterprises.


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