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Innovating safely with nanodosing

Restoring Normal Communication Between and Among Cells

Cellular Signaling

Learn more about how our science down-regulates pro-inflammatory genes and up-regulates anti-inflammatory genes 


We focus on restoring homeostasis to biological systems in a manner where less is better than more. 

Multi-Component Complex

Comprised of low concentrations of repurposed biological molecules believed to act synergistically in ameliorating pain and fatigue of Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome.

oxidized StreptoLysin O

Our first product demonstrates genomically an ability to downregulate injurious cytokine signaling and upregulate the beneficial integrated stress response

Living with
Traumatic Brain Injury

Chronic TBI (cTBI) is a condition which can be described as concussions that have not completely healed.  In the United States, the CDC estimates there are about 2.8 million concussions each year – mostly from falls and automobile accidents - and about 60% of these individuals completely recover within a year.  The remaining 40% - more than one million people per year – suffer ongoing cognition, motor, memory, mood and/or personality deficits and thus define chronic TBI.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC) has published studies from the early 2000’s estimating five million Americans are living with long term disabilities Arising from CTBI.  Because this estimate starts with hospital admissions and does not include outpatients, most academics believe that this number is much larger when physician office and emergency room cases are included.  With 1 million new cases per year of cTBI and a death rate only slightly higher than the general population, we believe that these patients exceed 10 million.  A CDC analysis of the economic burden of TBI indicates that the direct cost/lost productivity of non-fatal TBI likely exceeded $60 billion in 2020. 

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>5 MM

Chronic TBI Patients That We Can Help


Years Protection From Biosimilars 

Debilitating Conditions

Safety is Paramount

Low Degree of Toxicity

Signaling Gene Expression

Experienced Team


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